On October 16, the UAW filed a petition to represent approximately 1,500 production and maintenance workers at Fuyao’s glass plant in Moraine, Ohio.

Fuyao, a Chinese glass company, supplies Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota from the Moraine plant, which was once a GM auto plant. GM closed the auto plant during the 2008 recession, and Fuyao began glass production at the plant in 2014.

The UAW’s election petition follows several years of campaigning.  Under the NLRB’s current election rules, Fuyao has until Monday, October 23, to file its position statement with the NLRB concerning any issues it has with the UAW’s petition.  The NLRB has set a hearing for October 25 to consider any objections or issues with the petition and to set an election date.  In lieu of a hearing, the UAW, Fuyao and the NLRB could reach an election agreement as to the date and time of the election.