The U.S. Senate voted yesterday by a narrow 50-48 margin to confirm the nomination of John Ring (R) to the NLRB.  Prior to his nomination, Ring was an attorney representing management at a large law firm.  The confirmation of his appointment returns the NLRB to a 3-2 Republican majority.

Late last year, the NLRB also had a brief period in which a 3-2 Republican majority existed.  During that time, the NLRB issued a number of decisions overturning rulings from the Obama NLRB.  One of those decisions has since been rescinded based on concerns about the participation in the decision of one of the Republican members.

For the labor professional, this development means that it is reasonable to expect additional reversals of NLRB decisions during the Obama NLRB years.  Stay tuned to for updates on those decisions as they are issued.