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Senate Finance Committee Holds First Hearing on Changes to Ohio Prevailing Wage Law

Posted in Legislation, Prevailing Wage
Last year we reported on S.B. No. 72, introduced by State Senator Matt Huffman (R), which would modify Ohio law to limit the scope of prevailing wage requirements in Ohio. After being referred to the Finance Committee in March 2017, word about S.B. 72 was mum until this week, when the committee held its first… Continue Reading

Right-to-work Legislation Introduced in Ohio

Posted in Legislation, Unions
In October 2015, Representative Tom Brinkman introduced House Bill 377 in the Ohio General Assembly to make Ohio the nation’s 26th right-to-work state (along with Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). … Continue Reading

Michigan Enacts Right to Work Law

Posted in Legislation
By Nelson Cary and Steve Miller On December 11, 2012, Michigan became the 24th state to enact a right to work law. This new law has garnered a lot of national attention, most likely because Michigan is seen as the “birthplace” of the modern labor movement. (Much less attention was paid when Indiana became the 23rd state to… Continue Reading

Senate Bill 5 Defeated in Statewide Balloting

Posted in Legislation
Ohio voters defeated Issue 2 yesterday by a vote of 61% to 39%.  If passed, Issue 2 would have permitted Senate Bill 5 to take effect.  According to one report, the ballot question saw the union "vote no" campaign spend heavily to achieve victory, to the tune of $24 million. While the political fallout of the… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Issue 2 Support Down in Latest Poll

Posted in Legislation
Opponents of Issue 2 — the ballot question regarding the public sector collective bargaining reform bill in Ohio — got an apparent boost from some recently released polling data.  According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll released on October 25, support for the reform law has declined.  The poll showed that 57% of Ohioans support the repeal… Continue Reading

New Poll Finds Issue 2 Gap Narrowing

Posted in Legislation
Among other ballot initiatives Ohio voters will have a chance to pass on this November is Issue 2.  It asks whether the law reforming Ohio’s public sector collective bargaining law, Senate Bill 5, should be rejected. Polls on Issue 2 have not been favorable for those who want to keep Senate Bill 5.  The gap… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Senate Bill 5 Ballot Language Approved

Posted in Legislation
The referendum that will determine the fate of Senate Bill 5 has taken its official form.  Last Thursday, Secretary of State John Husted (R) announced that it will be Issue 2 in the general election this November.  The ballot language approved by Husted and the Ohio Ballot Board describes Senate Bill 5 as "a new law… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Secretary of State Certifies Signatures on Senate Bill 5 Petitions

Posted in Legislation
Opponents of Senate Bill 5 have satisfied the next hurdle in their effort to repeal the legislative effort to reform Ohio’s public sector collective bargaining system.  Ohio’s Secretary of State John Husted (R) certified yesterday that SB 5 opponents gathered 915,456 valid signatures.  A total of 1,298,301 signatures were originally submitted. The next step of the… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Senate Bill 5 Opponents File Petitions

Posted in Legislation
On June 29, 2011, opponents of Ohio Senate Bill 5 filed signed petitions with the Ohio Secretary of State.  The signed petitions seek a spot on the November 2011 ballot for a referendum that would prevent SB 5 from going into effect.  The petitions reportedly contain the signatures of 1,298,301 voters.  A total of 3,852,453 Ohioans voted in… Continue Reading

NLRB Sues Arizona Over Secret Ballot Law; South Dakota Next

Posted in Legislation, NLRB
Fresh off his controversial decision to challenge Boeing for deciding to locate a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina instead of utilizing its existing unionized workforce in Washington, the NLRB’s Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon has announced a federal lawsuit against Arizona.  At issue is an amendment to the state’s constitution that Arizona voters approved only… Continue Reading

UPDATE: S.B. 5 Opponents Clear the First Hurdle to Referendum

Posted in Legislation
Opponents of Senate Bill 5, the law that would reform Ohio’s public employee collective bargaining rules, have cleared the first hurdle in getting a referendum on the ballot in November 2011.  The first step required opponents to submit at least 1,000 signatures in support of the referendum to the Secretary of State.  Opponents were also required to… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Governor Kasich Signs Senate Bill 5

Posted in Legislation, SERB
  On March 31, 2011, Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 5 into law.  Governor Kasich’s signature ends the legislative process that began earlier this year.  As is usually the case, the bill changed significantly from the beginning to the end of the process, starting out by eliminating bargaining entirely for certain state employees.  The legislative… Continue Reading

UPDATE: House Committee Votes to Amend Senate Bill 5

Posted in Legislation, SERB
Today, the Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee considered amendments to Senate Bill 5.  According to a report in The Columbus Dispatch, some of the changes considered include: Giving public employees the right to refuse to pay "fair share" fees to unions. Making some changes to impasse resolution mechanisms, primarily by providing an option of a public referendum on… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Senate Bill 5 Clears Ohio Senate

Posted in Legislation, SERB
Senate Bill 5, the legislation that would substantially reform the public employee collective bargaining system in Ohio, has passed the Ohio Senate.  It now moves on to the Ohio House of Representatives for consideration. The bill that passed in the Senate was significantly different from the bill originally introduced by its sponsor, Senator Shannon Jones… Continue Reading

NMB Rule Change Survives Congressional Challenge

Posted in Legislation, NMB
As readers of this blog know, earlier this year the National Mediation Board, the agency responsible for enforcing federal labor laws in the railroad and airline industry, changed its union election rules.  Under the old rule, a majority of all employees the union sought to represent was required for the union to win.  Under the new… Continue Reading

Governor Christie’s Executive Order

Posted in Legislation
On his first day in office, newly elected Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie (R), signed a number of Executive Orders applicable to New Jersey state agencies. One of the Executive Orders extends the scope of New Jersey’s restrictions on the campaign contributions of those who contract with the state and other public entities. These… Continue Reading

NLRB Chairman Liebman Speaks at Seminar

Posted in Legislation, NLRB
On January 15, 2010, NLRB Chairman Wilma Liebman presented at a continuing legal education seminar sponsored by Cornell University. According to a published report, she discussed a number of items, including the history of the Bush Board’s approach to interpreting the NLRA, the on-going dispute over the two-member NLRB, and pending labor law reforms. Of… Continue Reading