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Unions Speak Out on NLRB Recess Appointment Ruling

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In case you were wondering what unions thought about the Noel Canning decision, which held that President Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB were unlawful, your wait is now over. Earlier this week, at its Executive Council meeting, the AFL-CIO let its views be known. In a statement adopted by the Council, the AFL-CIO decried… Continue Reading

SEIU Strikes Out

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Earlier this year, Catholic Health Partners filed an "RM" petition with the NLRB’s regional office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  An RM petition is a way for employers to initiate NLRB-conducted, secret ballot elections when the employer believes that a union representation issue exists.  Catholic Health Partners sought elections in 44 different units at more than a dozen… Continue Reading

DOL Requests Comment on Electronic Voting for Union Officers

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In a notice (pdf) to be published today, the Department of Labor is soliciting comments on electronic voting in union officer elections.  The law requires that unions elect officers based on a secret ballot vote.  According to the notice, labor unions and other interested parties have requested guidance on the use of electronic voting mechanisms in… Continue Reading

Organized Labor and Life Without EFCA

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Over the past ten days, some interesting developments suggest that at least some in organized labor may be thinking about life without EFCA.  The story begins with remarks President Obama made on September 13, while speaking at an event in Virginia.  He answered a question posed by an audience member on the EFCA.  He acknowledged that… Continue Reading

Union Campaign Contributions

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Much has been written about contributions from corporations to candidates for public office.  That coverage tends to focus more heavily on the spending of corporations. According to data tracked and publicized by the Center for Responsive Politics, however, it would appear that union contributions to political candidates are just as heavy as corporate contributions, at least among the… Continue Reading

Union Approval at All Time Lows

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A recently released Gallup survey shows that only 52% of Americans approve of unions.  Another 41% indicated that they disapproved of unions.  The approval number is up from 2009, however, when only 48% approved of unions.  The survey has asked the same question since 1936.  This year’s result was the second worst result for unions… Continue Reading