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NLRB’s GC Determines That Employees Must Expressly Invoke Their Right to Access Employer Property When They are Part of a Larger Group

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By Nelson Cary and Brad Gibson The UFCW union has tilted at the Wal-Mart windmill for many years now, employing various tactics to get Wal-Mart employees interested in unions and union activity. One tactic that has been used is mass demonstrations, including picketing. It was the use of a demonstration against Wal-Mart that recently led the NLRB’s… Continue Reading

Rule Restricting Access to Employer Property Held Unlawful

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By Nelson Cary and Cecil Patterson Recently, in Sodexo America LLC, 358 N.L.R.B. No. 79 (2012) (2-1), the NLRB found that a hospital policy restricting employees’ off-duty access to the hospital violated the NLRA. The policy provided that:   Off-duty employees are not allowed to enter or re-enter the interior of the Hospital or any other… Continue Reading

Got Remedies? NLRB Acting General Counsel Does, and Employers Should Beware

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NLRB Acting General Counsel (AGC) Lafe Solomon is continuing his focus on remedies in unfair labor practice (ULP) cases involving union organizing campaigns.   On September 30, 2010, he issued a memorandum on Section 10(j) injunctions for discriminatory discharges during such campaigns.  Today, he released another memorandum (pdf), this one targeting remedies regional offices should seek when they issue complaints in ULP cases… Continue Reading

UAW Principles for a “Fair” Union Election

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With card check recognition all but dead, the UAW is trying to take matters into its own hands in re-writing rules for union elections. A couple of months ago, UAW President Bob King stated the following during an auto industry speech about the “Free Choice Act” and his notions for principles for fair union elections: While… Continue Reading