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Employees Organized by Card Check Recognition Must Wait 6-12 Months to Decertify; 45 Day Window Period Overruled

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By Nelson Cary and Brad Gibson With the current NLRB, it is good to be a labor union around Labor Day.  Last year, the NLRB handed out an expanded right to engage in "bannering" without running afoul of the NLRA.  This year, the NLRB relieved unions, and the employers who voluntarily recognize them, of the possibility… Continue Reading

Chairman Liebman Leaves the NLRB

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Chairman Liebman’s third term expired at midnight on August 27, 2011.  Her departure brings the NLRB down to three members:  Pearce (D), Becker (D), and Hayes (R).  As Chairman Liebman departed, Member Pearce was designated the new Chairman of the NLRB.  The press release from the NLRB notes that Chairman Liebman was the third longest serving member… Continue Reading

SEIU Strikes Out

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Earlier this year, Catholic Health Partners filed an "RM" petition with the NLRB’s regional office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  An RM petition is a way for employers to initiate NLRB-conducted, secret ballot elections when the employer believes that a union representation issue exists.  Catholic Health Partners sought elections in 44 different units at more than a dozen… Continue Reading

NLRB Threatens States with Lawsuit on Secret Ballot Amendments

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Previously, Vorys on Labor reported on several state ballot initiatives that advanced amendments to state constitutions.  The amendments purported to protect the right to a secret ballot in any election, including a labor election.  These amendments passed by substantial margins in Utah, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Arizona — everywhere they were on the ballot. As the… Continue Reading