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A Bad Week for Unions: The NLRB and NLRB GC Focus on Union “Membership” and the Money

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The NLRA permits employers and unions to agree to “union security” clauses in a collective bargaining agreement.  This clause requires employees to join the union (and pay dues) or lose their job with the employer. Congress imposed this “membership” obligation on employees to eliminate what some call the “free rider” problem.  The NLRA requires a… Continue Reading

NLRB Makes it Harder for Employees to Lower Union Dues

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In non-right to work states, an employer and a union may lawfully agree to include a "union security" provision in their labor agreement.  This clause requires all employees to become a member of the union.  If an employee refuses to join the union, the contract typically requires the employer to terminate that employee. Many years ago,… Continue Reading