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Senate Finance Committee Holds First Hearing on Changes to Ohio Prevailing Wage Law

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Last year we reported on S.B. No. 72, introduced by State Senator Matt Huffman (R), which would modify Ohio law to limit the scope of prevailing wage requirements in Ohio. After being referred to the Finance Committee in March 2017, word about S.B. 72 was mum until this week, when the committee held its first… Continue Reading

Changes to Ohio’s Prevailing Wage Law Proposed

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Last week, State Senator Matt Huffman (R) introduced S.B. No. 72. The bill proposes modifying several statutes to limit the scope of the prevailing wage obligation in Ohio.  The proposal comes on the heels of Kentucky’s elimination of its prevailing wage law. While there are a number of changes made in the bill, the primary… Continue Reading

Changes to Ohio Prevailing Wage Law Proposed

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Recently, Ohio’s biennial "budget bill" was introduced.  Among many other provisions, Substitute House Bill 153, the technical name given to the budget bill, contains some significant changes to the state’s prevailing wage law.  Some of the changes to the prevailing wage law that are proposed in the bill are (for ease of reference, line numbers in… Continue Reading

UPDATE: House Committee Votes to Amend Senate Bill 5

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Today, the Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee considered amendments to Senate Bill 5.  According to a report in The Columbus Dispatch, some of the changes considered include: Giving public employees the right to refuse to pay "fair share" fees to unions. Making some changes to impasse resolution mechanisms, primarily by providing an option of a public referendum on… Continue Reading

Ohio School Facilities Commission Reverses Strickland Prevailing Wage and Project Labor Agreement Actions

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By Nelson Cary and Angela Rapp On February 24, 2011, the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) voted to no longer require union-scale wages on job sites in the hopes of saving money on school construction.  The OSFC’s action last Thursday returns it to a pre-Strickland administration era when the rules did not allow local districts to require prevailing… Continue Reading