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NLRB Acting General Counsel Announces New 10(j) Injuction Procedures

Posted in EFCA, NLRB, Union Organizing
NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon announced yesterday that the Office of the General Counsel (which acts as the "prosecutor" in unfair labor practice cases) is implementing a program to streamline the handling of Section 10(j) cases that involve employee discharges during union organizing campaigns. Section 10(j) authorizes the NLRB to seek an injunction from a… Continue Reading

NMB Rule Change Survives Congressional Challenge

Posted in Legislation, NMB
As readers of this blog know, earlier this year the National Mediation Board, the agency responsible for enforcing federal labor laws in the railroad and airline industry, changed its union election rules.  Under the old rule, a majority of all employees the union sought to represent was required for the union to win.  Under the new… Continue Reading

Organized Labor and Life Without EFCA

Posted in EFCA, Union Organizing, Unions
Over the past ten days, some interesting developments suggest that at least some in organized labor may be thinking about life without EFCA.  The story begins with remarks President Obama made on September 13, while speaking at an event in Virginia.  He answered a question posed by an audience member on the EFCA.  He acknowledged that… Continue Reading

Ohio State Employment Relations Board Rules Police Captains May Be Included in Bargaining Unit

Posted in SERB
A threshold issue in labor relations is which grouping of employees constitutes an appropriate bargaining unit.  Those who are in the bargaining unit will be represented by the union.  This question must be addressed by both public and private sector employers.  In Ohio, particularly in the area of law enforcement personnel, there are unique rules applicable to public… Continue Reading