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UAW-Nissan Agree to Election; UAW Files More Charges

Posted in Elections, Union Organizing
On July 16, the UAW and Nissan entered into a Stipulated Election Agreement with the NLRB.  Under the Agreement, the UAW agreed that only the production and maintenance workers employed directly by Nissan would be able to vote.  The Agreement excludes from the bargaining unit “temporary employees” and “contract employees,” and specifically excludes those workers… Continue Reading

UAW Files Election Petition for Workers at Nissan’s Canton, MS Facility

Posted in Elections, Union Organizing
On July 10, the UAW filed a NLRB Petition for Election to represent all of the production and maintenance workers at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi manufacturing facility.  The facility has over 6,500 workers.  The petition could not only include the production and maintenance workers employed directly by Nissan, but also include contract workers employed by Kelly… Continue Reading

Requesting Police Enforcement of Trespass Law is a “Petition” to the Government

Posted in Courts, Unions
The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Courts have concluded that when a person petitions the Government in good faith, the First Amendment prohibits any sanction for that conduct.  Applied in the labor law context, therefore, employer conduct that… Continue Reading

More Election Petitions, Quicker Votes: Data About the Early Impact of the NLRB’s New Election Rule

Posted in Elections, NLRB, Union Organizing
On the heels of the Texas court’s ruling earlier this week, and with more than a month of experience with the NLRB’s new election rule behind us, I thought it would be interesting to find out what the data actually shows is happening under the new rule.  So, yesterday I turned to Susan Connelly of… Continue Reading

Union Organizing in 2014

Posted in Union Organizing
By Susan Connelly of PTI Labor Research, Guest Blogger* PTI Labor Research analyzed union representation petitions that were filed within the first half of the year.   States with the most petitions filed (pdf) included:  New York, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Each of these top five states are “Non-Right to Work,” where it is legal to… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Senate Bill 5 Ballot Language Approved

Posted in Legislation
The referendum that will determine the fate of Senate Bill 5 has taken its official form.  Last Thursday, Secretary of State John Husted (R) announced that it will be Issue 2 in the general election this November.  The ballot language approved by Husted and the Ohio Ballot Board describes Senate Bill 5 as "a new law… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Secretary of State Certifies Signatures on Senate Bill 5 Petitions

Posted in Legislation
Opponents of Senate Bill 5 have satisfied the next hurdle in their effort to repeal the legislative effort to reform Ohio’s public sector collective bargaining system.  Ohio’s Secretary of State John Husted (R) certified yesterday that SB 5 opponents gathered 915,456 valid signatures.  A total of 1,298,301 signatures were originally submitted. The next step of the… Continue Reading

UPDATE: Senate Bill 5 Opponents File Petitions

Posted in Legislation
On June 29, 2011, opponents of Ohio Senate Bill 5 filed signed petitions with the Ohio Secretary of State.  The signed petitions seek a spot on the November 2011 ballot for a referendum that would prevent SB 5 from going into effect.  The petitions reportedly contain the signatures of 1,298,301 voters.  A total of 3,852,453 Ohioans voted in… Continue Reading