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Court of Appeals Upholds NLRB’s “Micro-Unions” Decision

Posted in Union Organizing
By Nelson Cary and James Patrick In a blow to employers, a court of appeals has affirmed (pdf) the NLRB’s union-friendly decision in Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. The NLRB’s decision in Specialty Healthcare required the employer, if it wanted to add employees to the union’s proposed bargaining unit that the union wanted to exclude, to prove that the excluded… Continue Reading

A Supervisor Must Act Like a Supervisor: “Paper Power” is Not Sufficient

Posted in NLRB
By Nelson Cary and Micah Dawson The NLRB has made clear that simply bestowing a title describing an employee as a “supervisor” does not automatically mean that the employee is a supervisor under the NLRA. Instead, the NLRB requires employers to provide specific evidence that employees whom an employer maintains are supervisors truly act like supervisors… Continue Reading