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Unionization in Unusual Places: Political Campaigns

Posted in Union Organizing
If you think unions only organize manufacturing plants and construction sites, think again. With the 2020 election year in full swing, unions continue to form among Democratic political campaign staffers.  These political staffers are using their party’s pro-union stance as an opportunity to unionize their own campaigns. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) became the first presidential… Continue Reading

Union Can Offer Gift Card to Entice Employees to Strike, says NLRB’s GC

Posted in NLRB
Yesterday, this blog covered an advice memorandum released by the NLRB’s General Counsel finding that Wal-Mart didn’t violate the law in responding to mass demonstrations and picketing by union-sponsored groups. Today, we look at another case relating to union activity directed at Wal-Mart, but this time alleging that the union violated the NLRA. In 2012, the… Continue Reading