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Court Disagrees with NLRB Ruling on Dress of Customer-Facing Employees

Posted in Employee Discipline, NLRB, Union Insignia
More than four years ago, the NLRB gave priority to an employee’s right to wear clothing with messages critical of their employer over an employer’s interest in its reputation with customers.  In a case involving AT&T employees, the NLRB ruled that an employer violated the law when it prevented its service technicians, when visiting customer… Continue Reading

Policies on Employee Appearance and Social Media Use Declared Unlawful

Posted in Employee Discipline, NLRB
Recently, the NLRB, in a three-member panel of Chairman Pearce (D) and Members Hirozawa (D) and Johnson (R), ruled on more employee handbook provisions covering an expanse of topics including social media, employee conduct, and dress and grooming. In Boch Imports, Inc., the NLRB determined that the employer, a car dealer, violated the NLRA by… Continue Reading

Busted! NLRB Finds Employer’s Prohibition of Sticker Unlawful

Posted in NLRB
By Nelson Cary and James Pauley III A healthcare employer with six different locations recently found itself in hot water after banning employees from wearing stickers with the word “BUSTED” in bright red lettering; the NLRB found that the prohibition violated the NLRA. The employer banned the stickers in patient care areas in four of its… Continue Reading

Union Attorneys Can’t Wear Union T-shirts: Another Lesson in Context (Among Other Things)

Posted in NLRB
Last year, the NLRB held that AT&T could not prohibit its service technicians from wearing a t-shirt while visiting customer homes with the words “Inmate #” on the front and “Prisoner of AT$T” on the back. Last week, the General Counsel’s Division of Advice determined (pdf) that the New York State Public Employee Federation, a union,… Continue Reading