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Supreme Court Deals Blow to Public Sector Unions

Posted in Union Membership
In a close decision earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to unions representing government employees. The case, Harris v. Quinn, dealt with an effort in Illinois to permit unions to organize a group of individuals who provide services to those who are unable to live in their own homes without assistance. Under the… Continue Reading

A New Arrow in the Quiver of Employers: AGC’s Appointment Ruled Invalid

Posted in NLRB
By Nelson Cary and James Patrick Thanks to a recent ruling, employers have a new arrow in their quiver—the ability to challenge actions because the NLRB’s current Acting General Counsel (“AGC”) was invalidly appointed. In Hooks v. Kitsap Tenant Support Services, Inc. (pdf), a federal district court judge determined that the NLRB’s AGC Lafe Solomon was… Continue Reading